Creative Ways to Play with Your Child Using a FunBlock

Creative Ways to Play with Your Child Using a FunBlock

Knock Down the Blocks

Knock Down the Blocks:

Playing a game of knock down with your child using FunBlock can be a great way to promote their physical and cognitive development. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your little one.

Start by stacking up the blocks as high or low as you like, depending on your child’s age and skill level. You can make it more challenging by creating different shapes or towers that require strategic knocking down.

Once you’ve built the structure, take turns trying to knock it down. Your child will have a blast while practicing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills in the process.

Another variation of this game is setting up targets around the room and trying to knock them over with FunBlocks. This activity promotes spatial awareness, accuracy, and precision in children.

Don’t forget to cheer each other on during playtime! Letting your child feel supported and encouraged builds confidence and self-esteem which they’ll carry throughout life.

Create a Labyrinth

Creating a labyrinth with FunBlocks is an excellent way to stimulate your child’s creativity and enhance their problem-solving skills. To create a labyrinth, you need to arrange the blocks on the floor in a winding pattern.

Your child can help design and construct the maze by placing each block strategically. They are free to use as many or as few blocks as they like, making it easy for them to customize their creation.

Once the labyrinth is complete, challenge your child to navigate through it without touching any of the walls. This activity will encourage your little one’s spatial awareness and critical thinking abilities while providing hours of entertainment.

As they progress through the maze, ask open-ended questions about how they plan to get from one end to another, promoting their strategic thinking abilities further. Encourage them when they succeed and support them when they fail – this helps build confidence in taking risks and learning from mistakes.

Play Follow the Leader

Playing Follow the Leader with your child is an excellent way to boost their creativity and imagination while also improving their listening skills. The game involves one person being the leader, and the others following them by copying everything they do. When using FunBlocks in this game, you can create a new level of excitement for your children.

Start by building different structures with your FunBlocks that will challenge your child’s balance or coordination skills as they follow behind you trying to recreate what you have done. You could stack blocks into towering castles or lay them out like steps for hopping across.

The game can also be turned around, let your child lead while you follow them through an obstacle course made up of FunBlocks. By letting them take control, it helps improve decision-making abilities and boosts self-confidence levels.

Follow-the-Leader is not just beneficial in enhancing motor skills; It’s a great mental exercise too! Encourage creative thinking by having themed games where each structure built represents different animals or objects related to the theme.

Playing Follow-the-Leader with FunBlocks provides endless possibilities for developing both physical and cognitive abilities in children while fostering bonding moments between parent and child.

Make a Block Painting

One creative way to play with your child using a FunBlock is by making a block painting. This activity not only allows your child to express their creativity but also helps improve their fine motor skills.

To start, gather some paint and paper along with the FunBlocks. You can use any type of paint, such as acrylic or washable paint, and any color you want. Then, have your child dip the blocks into the paint and stamp them onto the paper in whatever pattern or design they desire.

Encourage your child to experiment with different colors and shapes, mixing and matching various block sizes for added variety. They could even try layering different colors on top of each other for a unique effect.

Afterward, let the artwork dry completely before displaying it proudly in your home or gifting it to someone special.

Not only is this activity fun for both parent and child alike, but it also allows for endless possibilities for artistic expression through experimentation with different colors and patterns.


Playing with your child using a FunBlock is an excellent way to spend quality time while promoting their development. From stacking and knocking down the blocks to creating labyrinths and block paintings, there are endless possibilities for fun and creativity.

By incorporating these creative ways to play with your child using a FunBlock into your daily routine, you can help them improve their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, and socialization skills. Moreover, it’s also an opportunity for you as a parent or caregiver to bond with your child on a deeper level.

So why not grab some colorful blocks today and let the fun begin? With these ideas in mind plus your imagination as well as that of your kid’s sky being the limit when it comes to having fun together!

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