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Things You Didn’t Know That Happens Inside A Tapas Bar

Look no further than tapas! This Spanish cuisine has taken the culinary world by storm with its small plates and big flavors. But what exactly does tapas mean, and what happens inside a tapas bar? In this article, we’ll explore the history of tapas, how to order them like a pro, the different types available, and even recommend some of the best tapas bars in the U.
S. Get ready for an exciting journey into the delicious world of tapas!

The History of Tapas

Tapas has a rich and fascinating history that dates back centuries. There are several theories about the origin of tapas, but one widely accepted version is that it was born out of necessity in Spain during the 16th century.
At that time, many farm workers and laborers would eat small snacks throughout the day to keep their energy levels up. These snacks were often simple dishes made from leftover ingredients like bread, cheese, olives, or ham.
Over time, these small bites became known as “tapas,” which roughly translates to “lid” or “cover.” One theory behind this name is that bartenders would use a slice of bread or meat as a cover for drinks to prevent fruit flies from getting into them.
As tapas grew in popularity throughout Spain and beyond, they evolved into more sophisticated dishes made with fresh ingredients like seafood and vegetables. Today, tapas bars can be found all over the world serving up an endless variety of tasty small plates to share with friends and family.

How to Order Tapas

Ordering tapas can be a fun and engaging experience, especially if you’re new to the culture. The process of ordering tapas is different from ordering at a regular restaurant, as it encourages sharing and trying out multiple dishes.
First things first, when you enter a tapas bar, take your time to peruse the menu. Tapas menus are usually divided into sections such as cold tapas, hot tapas, vegetarian options etc. Choose what catches your eye or ask for recommendations from the waiter.
Once you’ve decided on what to order, it’s important to keep in mind that each dish may come in small portions meant for sharing with others at your table. It’s best to order several plates so that everyone can try different flavors.
After placing an order with the waiter or bartender (if they have one), don’t expect all dishes to arrive at once – this is part of the beauty of eating tapas! Dishes will be served as they are ready.
Enjoy each dish slowly and savor every bite. Remember that enjoying good food with friends or family is what makes dining at a tapas bar special!

The Different Types of Tapas

Tapas are a diverse and varied cuisine that offers a wide range of flavors, textures, and ingredients. Here are some of the different types of tapas you may find in a typical Spanish bar:
1. Tortilla española: This classic dish is essentially an omelet made with potatoes and onions. It’s hearty, filling, and perfect for sharing.
2. Croquettes: These little fried balls contain all sorts of fillings like ham, cheese, chicken or fish; they’re crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.
3. Patatas bravas: These spicy potatoes are usually served with aioli or other sauces to balance out the heat.
4. Paella: Although it’s not technically considered “tapas,” paella can still be found in many bars throughout Spain due to its popularity as a shared dish.
5. Jamón ibérico: A type of cured ham that is prized for its rich flavor and texture – it’s often sliced thinly and served alongside other small plates.
These are just a few examples of the countless types of tapas available around Spain (and beyond). Whatever your taste preferences might be, there’s sure to be something delicious waiting for you at your local tapas bar!

The Best Tapas Bars in the U.S

Tapas bars have become increasingly popular in the United States, with many establishments offering a wide variety of traditional and modern tapas dishes. If you’re looking for the best tapas bars in the U.
S, look no further than these top picks.
First on our list is Boqueria in New York City. With several locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, this popular restaurant serves up authentic Spanish cuisine with a modern twist. Their extensive tapas menu includes classics like patatas bravas and croquettes as well as unique dishes such as roasted bone marrow with chanterelle mushrooms.
Next up is Barceloneta in Miami Beach, Florida. This beachside spot offers an array of seafood-focused tapas dishes including octopus carpaccio and grilled squid ink rice. Don’t miss their signature dish – paella cooked over an open flame right at your table!
For those on the West Coast, head to Estadio in Washington D.
C or The Paella House in San Francisco for some of the best Spanish-inspired bites around. From chorizo-stuffed dates to braised oxtail empanadas, there’s something for everyone at these bustling restaurants.
Whether you’re new to tapas or a seasoned pro, these top-rated bars are sure to impress with their delicious food and lively atmosphere.


Tapas may have originated in Spain, but it has become a beloved dining experience all around the world. From its humble beginnings as a small appetizer to being the main attraction on menus, tapas has evolved and adapted over time to suit different palates and cultures.
Whether you’re new to the tapas scene or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to discover inside these cozy little bars. So why not step out of your comfort zone and try some of the delicious offerings from your local tapas bar?
From spicy chorizo dishes to fresh seafood bites, there’s something for everyone at a tapas bar. And who knows? Maybe you’ll stumble upon your new favorite dish!
So go ahead and embrace this unique culinary experience – with so much variety and flavor packed into each bite-sized serving, you’re sure never to be disappointed!



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