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Awesome Resident Evil 2 Wallpapers

Welcome to the world of Resident Evil 2 wallpapers – where zombies roam free and survival is key! If you’re a fan of this iconic video game, then we’ve got something special for you today. We have scoured the internet for the best and most awesome wallpapers that will transport you straight into Raccoon City. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic about Leon’s first day on the job or just want to immerse yourself in Claire Redfield’s heroic quest to save her brother, these four Resident Evil 2 wallpapers are sure to impress. So grab your shotgun and let’s dive into some pixelated horror with these epic wallpapers!

Leon Kennedy

Leon Scott Kennedy is the main character in the Resident Evil 2 remake and the Resident Evil 4 original game. He’s a rookie police officer who’s thrust into the middle of a zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. He’s brave and resourceful, and he quickly becomes a leader in the fight against the undead. Leon is cool under pressure, and he always puts others before himself. He’s a true hero, and he’s one of the reasons that the Resident Evil series is so great.

Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield is one of the main characters in the Resident Evil series. She is a college student who joins the STARS alpha team in search of her missing brother, Chris. Claire is an independent and strong-willed woman who is not afraid to take on whatever comes her way.
While Claire is often associated with the color red, she also looks amazing in any color wallpaper you put her in! Here are some of our favorite Claire Redfield wallpapers for you to enjoy.

Ada Wong

She first appeared in the second game as a supporting character, but has since become a major character in her own right. Ada is known for her intelligence, resourcefulness, and determination. She is also an expert at using firearms and melee weapons.
Ada has appeared in several of the main Resident Evil games, as well as numerous spin-offs. In the games, she typically works alone, but has also been known to team up with other characters when the situation calls for it. Ada is fiercely independent and always puts others before herself. This makes her one of the most beloved characters in the series.
If you’re a fan of Ada Wong, then you’ll love these awesome wallpapers!

Tyrant, also known as Mr. X

Even though he’s called Mr. X by fans, this monstrosity is actually Tyrannosaurus rex, or more commonly known as Tyrant. He was created by Umbrella Corporation as a BOW (Bio-Organic Weapon). He made his first appearance in Resident Evil 2 where he relentlessly hunted Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield throughout the Raccoon City Police Department. In later games, he would become a more common enemy, although no less deadly. He is usually clad in a trenchcoat and fedora, which just makes him all the more intimidating.



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