6 Safety Tips to Follow While Using UPI

6 Safety Tips to Follow While Using UPI

In the past few years, digital transactions have been growing exponentially. The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has made it easy to make payments in just a matter of time.

The UPI is the mode of transferring funds reliably and smoothly, with an active record of billions of transactions taking place every month. However, comfort and ease also call for awareness.

As a result, it is imperative to exercise caution and abide by safety recommendations when using mobile apps for financial transactions, as digital fraud is increasing day by day. This article emphasizes the six most critical safety precautions you should regularly follow when utilizing the UPI payment app India.

Tips to Protect Yourself From UPI Frauds

UPI is the best payment platform that provides a secure environment for customers to facilitate online transactions. However, since it places immense power in the hands of the users, it is essential to keep the money and information, including UPI ID and password, safe. Here are some valuable tips to consider:

Keep Password/PIN Confidential

Your account cannot be accessed by anybody else without the UPI PIN. It is exactly like an ATM pin that you need to keep safe. As a result, this exclusive UPI PIN shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone.

To Receive Money, Do Not Enter the PIN

Remember that the PIN is never required to receive money. Tap “decline” to respond to such fraudulent requests rather than just ignoring them and, if you can, report them.

Watch Out For Spam Warnings

Scammers can send phishing links to make payments using emails and SMS to withdraw money from your bank account. The UPI apps like Bajaj Finserv will be opened by clicking on these links, and entering your PIN will debit your bank account.

Validate the UPI ID

It looks easy to send money using just the receiver’s UPI ID. However, you need to ensure the authenticity of the receiver before sending money.

Check the Amount Deducted Twice

Ensure that the proper amount has been transferred once the payment has been completed and the amount has been debited. Occasionally, you might not receive an SMS, in which case you should check your email or bank statement.

Be Wary of False Calls

It is important to note that using the Bajaj Pay UPI app to receive payments does not require a QR code or UPI pin. Hackers will frequently call or email you a link asking you to download a third-party app for verification. Never follow such calls or click on such links.

Choose Bajaj Finserv for your UPI Payments!

So, these were all the safety measures you must adhere to while making payments via the UPI payment app India. In case of any issue with your payments or transactions, flag it immediately on the help centre of the UPI app you use.

You can use Bajaj Pay UPI since it offers safe and secure payments, exciting offers, cashback and discounts while making an instant payment with the QR scan. Above all, its customer support resolves issues instantly to offer a seamless experience to the users. For more information, install Bajaj Finserv now or visit their website!

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