Best Demat Accounts in India 2023

Best Demat Accounts in India 2023

Finding a trustworthy and complete platform might be difficult in the huge world of online trading. The one-stop store for all of your market trading needs, however, is Sharekhan. Sharekhan has established itself as a pioneer in the stock market investment space with a noteworthy 19-year track record, 1.9 million happy customers, 575 covered cities, 3,200 locations, and an impressive customer asset base of 46,600 crores. We will examine the many services and attributes that make Sharekhan the top option for traders and investors in this article.

FIRST-STEP PROGRAMME: Sharekhan is aware that novice investors are frequently confused by the stock market’s intricacies. Sharekhan created the First-Step Programme to solve this. This innovative project offers knowledge about what is demat account, access to research tools, facilitates online trading, and walks investors through the fundamentals of stock market investment. Learning about the program, registering a demat account with Sharekhan, placing your first trade with the help of a Sharekhan professional, and progressively developing the skills and confidence to place trades on your own are the four steps.

INVESTOR CLASSIC PROGRAMME: Investor Classic Programme is a hassle-free investment management option provided by Sharekhan. This software eliminates the need for time-consuming documentation by enabling online cash transfers for purchases and providing easy access to real-time stock quotes. Additionally, Sharekhan’s helpful customer support agents are available for free toll calls, emails, and real-time web chats. Investors can profit from up-to-date research analysis, clear profit objectives, and top-pick suggestions from Sharekhan’s research library.

THOROUGH RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: Sharekhan takes pleasure in offering its investors a lot of research and trustworthy information. A variety of research resources are available under the “Research” category on the Sharekhan website, including thorough research papers, mutual fund research, daily trading calls, in-depth commodity analysis, and the Opportunity of the Day. As a result, investors may make defensible selections based on a thorough study.

COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Sharekhan’s Comprehensive Portfolio Management Services are extremely advantageous to HNI clients. Creating and managing balanced portfolios while maximizing risk-adjusted returns is the goal of these specialized services. Sharekhan offers two main products: Fundamental Investment and Technical Analysis. Their team of experts includes statisticians, strategists, analysts, and specialists. These portfolios use rigorous approaches for research and analysis and cater to various investment tastes.

SHAREKHAN PLATFORMS: Sharekhan provides a variety of platforms to meet the various demands of investors and traders. Investors may effortlessly access their accounts and manage their assets across a variety of platforms, including trade terminals at ShareShops, the Sharekhan website, Sharekhan Mini for areas with limited internet access, demat apps, and the sophisticated Sharekhan Trade Tiger desktop platform.

ACTIVE TRADER TRADE TIGER: Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger function, which is intended to give seasoned investors advanced trading abilities, is available to them. This platform features live streaming quotes, a single trading screen for several market segments, rapid order reports, international market research, online fund transfers with many banks, and 24-hour market access. The trading experience is improved with sophisticated charting tools, limitless charts, a large range of trading calls, and market analysis tools that provide traders access to all the information they need.


Sharekhan is a dependable and complete online trading platform that provides several features and services. Sharekhan stands out as a top option for traders and investors thanks to its considerable experience, broad coverage, and sizable user base. Sharekhan offers a comprehensive trading experience, including training programs, portfolio management services, and cutting-edge trading platforms.

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