Introducing Chris Morkides: Creator of the Gripping Alex Johns Series

Chris Morkides: Creator of the Gripping Alex Johns Series

Chris Morkides is no ordinary author. He has a remarkable career spanning 44 years as a professional writer for newspapers and magazines. Additionally, he dedicated 14 years to working as a mental health counselor. This unique combination of experiences brings a special blend of expertise and passion to his fiction writing. Today, we introduce the mastermind behind the gripping Alex Johns series, a must-read for mystery and crime enthusiasts.

Morkides’ journey is characterized by a dual dedication to the written word and the well-being of individuals with mental health issues. As a mental health counselor, he acquires profound insights into the human psyche, which he skillfully incorporates when crafting complex characters in his novels. Seamlessly blending his professional expertise with his literary skills, Morkides explores the intricacies of the human experience.

Morkides’ narrative goes beyond his counseling office and writing desk. He’s been a passionate Philadelphia sports enthusiast for over five decades, understanding the ups and downs of unwavering team loyalty. This fervor and resilience infuse his storytelling with authenticity and heart.

Chris Morkides: Creator of the Gripping Alex Johns Series

Morkides find utmost significance in his family, having been married to Alisa for 21 years and being a proud father to a 20-year-old daughter named Kina. Family values form the core of his identity, infusing his writing with warmth and relatability. His personal connections make his characters feel like friends and family to readers.

“Trust Me” and “Good Intentions” are the first novels in the Alex Johns series, marking Morkides’ debut as a novelist. These gripping stories follow Alex Johns, a Philadelphia psychologist who values his profession but is forced into a world of intrigue and mystery when his loved ones’ lives are at risk. To protect those he cares about, he must become an amateur detective.

Morkides’ storytelling prowess shines brilliantly as he skillfully intertwines intricate plots, multifaceted characters, and a profound understanding of human psychology. His novels create an electrifying fusion of suspense, drama, and emotional depth, captivating readers who eagerly turn pages, immersing themselves in the mysterious world of Alex Johns.

For devotees of mystery and those who relish the tapestry of human existence brought to life on the written page, CHRIS MORKIDES’ Alex Johns series represents an odyssey in literature that should not be overlooked.

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About the Author

CHRIS MORKIDES is an author, mental health counselor, and seasoned writer with a career spanning over four decades. His ardor for literature, coupled with his extensive experience in mental health counseling, enriches his storytelling with a profound grasp of the human psyche. As a dedicated Philadelphia sports devotee and a family-oriented individual, Morkides bestows authenticity, warmth, and relatability upon his novels. “Trust Me” and “Good Intentions,” the maiden installments of the Alex Johns series, herald his debut as a novelist, promising to captivate readers with their fusion of mystery, crime, and psychological depth.

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