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Why should I track DORA metrics?

With the help of modern technology, many companies have started moving towards an era of digital transformation by using various software, algorithms, apps, etc. to understand and provide according to the needs of the consumers. But it is also a very well-known fact that handling software development tasks is not an easy thing. Therefore, many big companies have various teams that take care of their software operations like dora metrics

What are DORA metrics?

DevOps Research and Assessments (DORA) are certain metrics that have been developed with the help of multiple surveys organized by the DORA team. These metrics can be used to understand and find out if a particular team is a low performer or an elite performer.

The metrics also help us to know the working and efficiency of the engineering teams and guide us to understand how successful a company is at DevOps. 

4 key DORA metrics

There are four metrics that the DORA team considers essential for a company’s DevOps success:

  • Deployment frequency: It refers to the frequency of a company’s successful releases to production. It also considers various other factors such as how often code is used and at what frequency it is released to users.
  • Mean lead time for changes: Mean lead time for changes helps the leaders to analyze and understand the efficiency of their development process as soon as coding begins. It measures how much time it can take for code change to come into production.
  • Mean time to recover: This metric measures the time taken by a team to restore service in case of an outage or some other incident. If a company is able to recover quickly that means it has a low mean time to recover.
  • Change failure rate: This particular metric tells you how frequently changes in development lead to failures in production. Change failure rate takes into consideration the company’s rollbacks, failed deployments, bug fixes, etc.

Why is it important to track DORA metrics?

  • These metrics help the DevOps and engineering teams to understand and measure software delivery output and stability. 
  • It also helps to analyze how a better software experience can be provided to the customers. 
  • Moreover, with the help of DORA metrics, the leaders of a particular company or organization can check their DevOps performance and recommend changes if required.
  • The needs of the customer can also be analyzed so that the development goals and business goals align together.


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