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Reviving the Class! Packing Hats in Custom Hat Boxes

Have you dipped your toes in the competitive world? If you are about to drop whatever the situation may be, you should be open to everything. You know that hats are the most classy part of English tradition and dressing, so they have always stayed in fashion. The reason is it adds more style to your attire and makes it the more elegant and classy one to get noticed. With the ever-evolving world, different types and styles of hats have been introduced, so they need protective and attractive packaging that configures well with the class of hats. 

Brands are paying more heed to these custom hat boxes with which they can radiate their positive brand image among the audience. Yes, as a retailer or brand entity, you are open to customizing your hat using various branding elements like slogans, taglines, logo following a uniform color scheme, and decent and catchy laminations that portray the right image of your brand. All these things can create the right image of your product as well as entice them to take action to make a purchase. Let’s explore how the box packs your hat.

What are Hat Boxes?

Hat boxes are made from durable material, and they are of different sizes that pack the right type of hat in them. They have been used since the 18th century and used to store hats. The boxes are made from different materials, such as leather, metal, fiber, and cardboard. All of these are effective for storing a hat. But from all these, the most durable and pocket-friendly is cardboard to mold and hold.

Besides this, some beautiful kinds of straps and handles can be added to custom folding boxes with logo that makes them more convenient and friendly to hold. Further modifications can be made to make the box look more decent and elegant.

How to Pack a Hat in the Box

The most important yet most underrated part of packing a hat in a custom printed hat boxes should be taken into consideration while placing your adorable hats. Packing a hat could be of no worry but to effectively pack it in a box with some discipline can really make your impression lasting on the memory of your valuable customers. Here is a stepwise guide that can help you in deeply packing the hat. Let’s give it a thorough read!

  1. Check the Size

The size of the hat, as well as of the custom folding packaging boxes, should be taken into account to make the appearance more disciplined. Hat boxes are of hexagonal shape so their standard size for this is 22″ x22″ x9″. There are a variety of sizes, out of which three are listed here that will fit different types of hats.

  • To fit a small fascinator or hat
  • Average-sized brim hat
  • X-large derby hat with a depth of 9
  1. It is All About Tissue

Using the tissue in packing the hat provides immense protection to the hat as well as the brim portion. You can use a smart amount of paper that should be acid-free and rolled neither too hard nor too loose that it floats. It should be set in an appropriate proportion. Make a layer of rumpled tissue around the hat so it may look like a nest and provide good protection.

  1. Packing A Single Hat

Packing a single hat can be done easily, and also maintains the shape of the hat and its brim in an exact shape. The brim is uplifted in the upward direction so it becomes easy to store and keep sure that the hat is ceased from free-movement without creasing the brim. Stiffer brims are easiest to pack in the boxes, while flexible brims need extra care in providing extra padding so the brim shape won’t get disturbed and remain intact.

  1. Packing More than One Hat

If the brims of hats are quite similar or the designs are crown-like, then you can stack the hats neatly on one another and place them in custom hat boxes wholesale. In general, 2-4 hats are enough to be stored in one box; otherwise, it is not recommended to store more than 4 hats in one box.

Your Hat Needs Better Protection!

The better you protect, the better you will build credibility among your audience. Moreover, if the boxes are customized as per your branding elements, then it will project the refined image of your product and brand among the audience. If you want to ship your product to a longer destination, you can do it easily because custom hat boxes are durable and secure enough to avoid any jerks or jolts during transportation. 



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