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Top Uses Of Cohesive Bandages

Injuries are quite normal, be it sports or any other activity. Well, today’s topic is related to it. We will be discussing something that is considered to be an essential and valuable thing for all of use cohesive bandages that stick to themselves. You’ve probably seen them in first aid kits, with athletes, or for the purpose of caring for pets. Even though they may not appear to be fascinating, these bandages are deemed to be very useful. If you do not have much information about it or are not sure what kind of uses there are of these bandages, this article is precisely what can help you. We will talk about the several uses of these valuable and excellent bandages. So make sure to stick with us till the very end. Let’s get started and find out why you should have these!

What Are Cohesive Bandages?

Now, before we can jump right into the top most common uses of these bandages, it is first essential for us to get an understanding of what these are. Once we are clear about what these bandages exactly are, we will only be able to use them in the best manner possible.

Well, there is no denying the fact that these bandages are pretty awesome. They are basically like a particular kind of bandage that can do two things: provide some support as well as stretch a bit. But here’s where they shine: they’re like magic tape. They stick to themselves well but leave no mess on your skin, clothes, or hair. Isn’t that a fantastic thing? A lot of people who use medical equipment or items tend to get worried about the mess that they can create. However, with these particular kinds of items, you do not need to worry at all.

This is also considered to be fantastic since you can use them to firmly wrap objects without having to worry about sticky tape. Another great thing is that they remain exactly where you place them. There will be no slipping, sliding, or bunching up.

The best part is how simple it is to utilize them. You don’t have to struggle with tape that gets stuck everywhere but where you want it. These bandages are simple to apply and adjust. They undoubtedly provide some support, can stretch, and are pretty easy to use. It does not matter if you have a minor injury, are participating in a highly active sport, or are caring for a furry friend; these bandages are highly reliable and helpful.

Common Uses

Now that we understand cohesive bandages, let’s dive in and get an idea of some of the most common uses.

Wrist Support Wrap

Wrist injuries are prevalent in sports, particularly those involving repetitive motions and hits like those in tennis. Falls where the hands break the impact might potentially cause wrist problems. In such cases of minor wrist injuries, a conventional technique is to administer ice first, followed by taping to provide support.

Now, if you are someone facing a similar kind of issue like we just mentioned, it is the situation when the use of these particular special bandages comes in handy. They provide an effective wrist support option. The bandage may be quickly wrapped around the wrist, adding layers as needed to obtain the optimum level of support and compression. Alternatively, a figure-of-8 wrapping technique can be used, extending to include the thumb for extra and more stability.  In the case of rugby, an additional layer of PVC tape may be used as an added precaution. This is to keep the bandage in place, tight, and secure. In most cases, this extra step is not required. These excellent medical equipment are designed to stay in place until purposely unwrapped or subjected to forceful traction.

Ear Tap

Making use of these medical equipment is also considered to be an excellent option for ear taping. It can be a wise decision. It won’t tangle in your hair, so you won’t have to worry about putting something underneath before taping. So, the first thing you need to do is to wrap these special bandages around your head. Once you have done that thing, then you need to press the layers together. Finally, you have to tape it using PVC tape.

Another advantage of this fantastic medical equipment is that they are soft and can absorb moisture. This taping method can also be used as a sweatband because it soaks up the sweat well and in the best manner possible. Remember that this technique works surprisingly well if you’re comfortable appearing weird. But don’t worry, it does not look that bad.

Ice Pack Wrap

We all know that the first thing to do when you twist, strain, or bruise something is apply ice. The main reason behind this is that Ice relieves discomfort and controls swelling. But who wants to hang around with an ice pack for an extended period? No one would want to do that since it can freeze your hand!

Well, there is always a solution for a problem, and in this case, it is the use of a cohesive bandage to keep the ice pack in its place. It’s similar to making a quick and simple wrap. This way, you get the ice’s benefits without holding it and freezing your hand. Believe it is like having an instant cold wrap to help with your injury. It is super effective!

Finger Protection

For all the goalkeepers out there, this point is mainly for you all! Take this fantastic bandage and wrap it several times around the fingers. Do it on those fingers that may require additional attention and care. It’s like a finger shield for you, especially when attempting to stop those goals. This bandage will prevent your fingers from bending excessively.

One thing which you must know is that now you don’t need to spend any more money on ‘keeper tape.’ It works in the same way as a standard cohesive bandage. Wrap up those fingers and keep them safe and strong! You will undoubtedly feel a significant difference and, in fact, improvement.

Boxing Hand Wrap

Boxing is considered to be a very rough sport, and the boxers use a lot of tricks. It is common for people playing this sport to wrap their hands before a match with a combination of gauze pieces, customized bandages, and tape. However, there is a better approach to this trick that you can use, and you would not need to put in much effort as well. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the usage of these wonderful bandages!

This approach and trick has been used by some. They covered their hands similarly using these bandages as they do with training wraps. And guess what? It worked wonderfully! It provided adequate support without making their hand feel too thick. So, make sure to try it and practice with it. You are surely going to like it and feel much better.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that injuries can happen to anyone at any time. What is essential is to take the right actions at the right time. Making use of these bandages is the right decision you can make in order to stop your injuries from worsening.



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